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Are you currently using a free email service for your Lexington business? Do you want to improve the professional image of your enterprise by securing your own domain-based email account? Need a reliable Lexington email management professional who can set up and manage your business email service?


At Nucleus Data Solutions, we believe that using an email host is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your business. Sure, it can be tempting to try to economize by using Gmail, Yahoo, or another one of those free email providers, but the fact is that using a free email service can negatively impact your brand. Today's tech-savvy consumers expect credible businesses to use an email address that is domain-based - and our Lexington email management professionals are here to help.


What Is a Domain-Based Email?


Simply put, a domain-based email address is one that is linked to a specific web domain - it's the '@' part of your email address. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to use an email domain that ends with your company website; this allows recipients to quickly see who the sender is, and it also makes it easy for online users to contact you.


More importantly, domain-based email addresses are strongly associated with trustworthiness as spammers rarely use domain-based emails.


Custom Lexington Email Hosting Services


Email hosting involves renting out space on an email server; it's like a virtual version of a rental mailbox. The amount of hosting space you need depends on the volume of email you expect to send and receive, the number of email addresses you require, and the type of content you'll be transmitting using email.


Our Lexington email management solutions are fully scalable, making it easy for you to adjust your services as your business grows. We use high-quality email servers to provide you with a safe, stable email service that uses the latest in security technology to prevent hackers, spammers, and unauthorized use of your email addresses.


We ensure that all of your email messages and linked files are stored on a secure server that you have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll also scan your emails for viruses, and we'll integrate your email with your website in order to provide your clients and prospects with a seamless link to your email address.


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